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REGISTRATION FEE – $100 per child

This annual fee is due at the initial time of enrollment and again each year for the upcoming school year. The registration fee is the first step in the registration process and it is not refundable.  A full one-week notice, or payment of one-week’s additional tuition fee, is required when a child withdraws from any program at the CDC. If payment for the one-week notice is not received, the balance will be automatically charged to the primary credit card on the family account.


This fee is due each summer for children enrolled for the following fall. These fees are not refundable after their designated due dates. If not paid by their due date, the fee will be automatically charged to the primary credit card on the family account.

6 wks-K4 Classes:        $100

Elementary:         $50 (based on current fuel prices)


This is a weekly fee for children enrolled in the Full Daycare program at the CDC. These children may attend anytime during regular operating hours from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. This price includes the learning program, snacks and lunch. Breakfast is optional and is offered for an additional weekly fee. There will be no reduction in fees for absences, holidays or closings due to bad weather conditions.

6 weeks up to 18 months daycare:                $145 per week
18 months up to 3 years daycare:                $130 per week
3 years old daycare:                $114 per week
4 & 5 years old daycare:                $111 per week

We also offer a $10 weekly discount for the second and third child enrolled in our program.


This is a weekly fee for children enrolled in only the Kindergarten program. The price includes morning snack and lunch.  The CDC observes the Barton Academy cutoff date for student placement in our K3 and K4 classes.

Pre-K, K3 & K4 Classess 8:00-2:00      $87 per week


This fee is for Kindergarten through 5th grade elementary students who are enrolled in our Before and/or After School Care program. Before and.  Transportation to and from Council,  Faith Academy, E.R. Dickson, Allentown and Semmes Elementary Schools is included in the weekly tuition fee. 

Before School Only: $34 per week
After School Only: $56 per week
Before and After School: $66 per week

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SUMMER CAMP RATES K5-5th Grade Attending ONLY During the Summer

Please call our office for current Summer Camp rates

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Late Payment Fee:

Tuition payments are due in advance on Friday for the upcoming week. A grace period extends through Wednesday of the week that is due. Late payment fees of $10 per day are assessed on accounts not paid in the office or online by 6:00 p.m. Wednesday. Accepted methods of payment include cash, check, money order, bank drafts, debit card, credit card (VISA, Master Card or Discover) or online payments.

Late Pick Up Fee:

The center closes at 6:00 each evening. A late pick up fee of $10 is charged during the first 5 minutes after closing. There is an additional $1 per minute charged after 6:05 p.m.

Returned Check Fee:

There is a $30 service fee charged on any returned check or returned bank draft. After the second check has been returned for Non Sufficient Funds, all payments must be made by cash, cashier’s check, money order, credit or debit card.


There is no reduction in fee for absences, holidays or closings due to bad weather conditions. After attending the CDC year-round for twelve months, each child enrolled in the daycare program will be allowed two weeks of vacation without paying. Children who do not attend during the summer do not qualify for vacation during the school year. Vacations must be taken on a full-week, Monday through Friday basis, and they run on a calendar year. Unused vacation at the end of the calendar year will not carry over.

Leaves of Absence:

The following are conditions when leaves of absence may be granted. No fee will be charged to hold the child’s space during these periods, but annual vacation must be forfeited, and NO COMBINATION of the following may be used:

  • Non Custodial Parental Visitation - Maximum 4 weeks (court documentation required)
  • Maternity Leave for children of parents who are off due to maternity leave - Maximum 6 weeks
  • Summer Break for CDC 8:00-2:15 kindergarten students or for Elementary students (based on MCPSS schedule)